Friday, January 23, 2009

Princess Abby

I bought a cheap tiara and earrings for Abby today while doing our weekly shopping. She is now walking around the house telling us how princesses do things. She keeps looking in the mirror and loves every moment of it. She told me princesses take a break and sit down after they are done dancing. Then she showed me, and she sat very ladylike and still. I will need to remember that when we are in church. I’m not sure I want to encourage the dancing, but to her dancing is spinning in a circle. Now she is giving me a list of what else a princess needs to have. Robert told her he liked her “hat” and that she looked beautiful. He wants to be a king. What did I start?!?


Me said...

Cute! Erika also loves tiaras and princess dresses.

Iris said...

Abby, you are sooooo beautiful!