Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Family update

We have had some beautiful weather here lately. We have had cold weather mixed with snow and then mud for over a month. Now the kids are able to go out and play which is a wonderful break for me. I can do some chores and watch them in the back yard through the kitchen windows. I love to hear “Mom, I want to go outside and play.”

The weather has helped my attitude, too. I do not feel as frustrated about waiting for baby to come. We can get out now and go for a walk or go to the park for the kids to play. Another thing that has added to my frustration is having at least one child awake before 6:30am in the morning. I get up before 5 am. I pack a lunch for my husband and cook his breakfast. After he leaves at 5:30, I usually can get an hour or more of peace and quiet. I keep the lights off and stay out of the kids rooms to try to keep them asleep as long as possible. Normally they sleep until the sun starts to come up, but recently they have been getting up long before the sun comes up. Some times they are even awake before my husband leaves for work. Maybe they are checking to see if baby came yet. When they awake before I finished my Bible reading and prayer time it leaves me feeling frustrated most of the day. The last two days I decided to get up before 4:30am and try to do my Bible reading before I cooked my husband’s breakfast and pack his lunch. Now the kids are sleeping until 7am and I get lots of quiet time, but I go to bed shortly after the kids do in the evening : )

Today was another visit to the midwife. She thinks baby should come before my next appointment. I hope she is right. She also thinks baby will be big and healthy. I am only 12lbs less than what I weighed when the twins were born and they were 6 lbs 2oz each. I am nervous about having a big baby. My mother had all large babies – none of us were under 8 ½ lbs, and the largest was over 11 lbs. My midwife did assure me that this one would not be over 11 lbs.

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