Saturday, July 23, 2011

Water Ballons

The weather has been very warm lately. Last week I decided to let them throw water balloons at each other to help them cool off and have some fun. Abby, Robert, and Josiah had a blast. Beth seemed a bit reluctant to get in on the action. She did not want to throw the water balloons. Her siblings were quite happy to help her and they threw several of her balloons. When I handed out the last water balloons, she refused to let anyone have her balloon. She started crying and yelling at the others if they got near her balloon. I asked her what she wanted to do with the balloon. She said, "Hide it." I asked, "Where?" She replied, "Outside." I told her that the heat from the sun would pop it. She then told me "put it up high." I did put it on in a safe spot and told the others to not touch it - that was her greatest concern.
Later I saw her carrying it around and kissing it like it was her baby. Than she was walking around with Robert carrying her "baby". Every one joined in the game and called it her "baby". She allowed the others to hold it for a little while, but soon wanted it back. Abby drew on it while she was "babysitting" (Abby draws on almost everything).
I was worried about it popping in the house, but I told myself, "It is just water. It will dry, and it isn't messy like other things that have spilt in the house."
The inevitable finnaly happened late in the afternoon. It popped, and she got drenched. She was very upset about it. After a change of clothes, hugs, and promises of more water balloons, she calmed down. Now everyone wants a water balloon baby!

The fight outside - yes the lawn needs mowed!

Jojo showing off his balloons - just seconds before they popped!

Beth and her "baby"

The reaction to the end of the water balloon.
With a reaction like that I'm not sure I want to fill water balloons for a while.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding photos

Abby loves to dress up in beautiful dresses and accessories. She can't wait to get married so she can wear a wedding dress. Last month someone gave us a suit coat for Robert. The next day Abby wanted to "marry" Robert. Here are the photos I took after the wedding.
My internet connection was messed up last month, plus I've been busy with five kids six and under. That is my excuse for so few posts!