Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funny Sayings

One Sunday sfternoon while I was fixing lunch the boys were busy shooting imaginary Indians. I did inform them that they were Indians, but the told me that they were shooting "bad" Indians. Beth came to me all told me in a worried maner that the Indians were going to shoot her. I told her to get her brothers to shoot the Indians. She did and while they were shooting the Indians out the window, she fell down behind them and said, "Indian got me. Indian got me." Then the boys turned around and "shot" the Indian. She got up and went on her way.

Josiah at church one Wednesday evening said, "When Hannah grows up and I grow up, I'm going to marry Hannah."

Abby while we were going to town one day said, "I wonder what color my Honda will be when I grow up."

Abby is my question child. Always asking something which usually has nothing to do with what I just told her or asked her to do. The other day at lunch she asked, "If we take water to teh sun could we put out the fire?"

Kids are so much fun. A lot of work too, but the fun times help balance it out. I was talking yesterday with another mom with several children. We agreed that we don't know how we get everything done that we do, but somehow we do it. So the next time some stranger asks me how I do it I'm going to say, "Fairies help at night while I sleep!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twenty Dollar Table

I love to shop yard sales, and so does my husband. A few weeks ago we found a table at a yard sale. The top was very ugly. It had been outside for a while, but the table seemed solid. We talked them down to $20. I saw it as a project for my dad, who wants to stay busy when he comes to visit. I had wanted a table to put in my dining room. The room is carpeted so I will not let the kids eat in there, but we want to take the carpet out and put in laminate wood floor next year. My dad got started right away. It looked so much better as soon as it was sanded.


Work in progress


It is now my project table. I have all my school books on it now as I prepare to start a new school year. I have also used it to sew. I love the space to spread out and I don't have to clear it off to eat. I've never had this luxury before.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Months Old

I can believe how fast time goes! Five months old already! She is adored by all the family and is as cute as can be! Her favorite pastime when lying on the floor is to hold her feet together. It is so cute to watch. She has recently started rolling over, but still hold the feet together even on her tummy. I love to see her do it. My mom recently visited and told me that I did the same thing as a baby.