Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family Time

Saturday we went hiking as a family, except Rueben who went with Grandma to a graduation. We got to the trail head about lunch time. We ate, through rocks in the water and then got ready to hike. I was surprised how well they did at hiking up a mountain. We don’t get to do this as often as I’d like to do it. I love hiking and exploring the woods. We hiked about one mile round trip. After the hike the kids all fell asleep in the van. Gabe and I then stopped in Dolores, bought two sliced BBQ brisket sandwiches, and had a little “date” while the kids slept in the back of the van. It was a very enjoyable day with the family. The little ones hiking up the trail. Everyone has a walking stick just like Dad.
Everything was so beautiful and green!!

I love to identify butterflies. This one is Milbert's Tortoiseshell. They are easy to identify when you can take a picture of them.

This sign was at 1/2 mile. We went a little futher before turning around
Hiking back down.

We stopped and looked up at the tall aspen trees.
Elisabeth rode with Gabe, and slept most of the trip.

Almost back we again stopped to throw rocks and sticks in the water.
Gabe and all the kids.
We crossed Dolores River at the trail head.
Gabe took this photo of the valley along the Dolores River.
My parents are coming to visit for a few weeks. I hope we get to do some more family hikes. I love all the green since we live in a rather dry area with lots of brown.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Visitor

In the two years that we have lived here we have had several animal visitors. One of the most unusual was a little over a year ago we had a llama visiting our yard just about every day. Once the garden got going we discouraged his coming to eat in our yard. We have had many dogs visit, and several have harmed the chickens. We have seen a hawk sitting on the chicken coop when they were small. Our new visitor is a beautiful peacock. I’m happy to let him stay since he is not harming the chickens or eating the garden. The kids enjoy watching him. Josiah calls him a “do-doc”.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Abby now has a cow. Today Grandma Inez and Grandpa Sam had rounded up their cows and were branding the calves, giving medicine, changing ear tags and other cow related things. Yesterday they asked if Rueben could help. Gabe and I agreed it would be a nice break from the normal routine. This was the first time the kids and I went out where Grandma's cows graze on the reservation. Abby had a great time. Robert stood back, held his ears, and repeatedly said he wanted to go home. Josiah had fun until he got tired. Elisabeth stayed in the sling either sleeping or watching all that was happening. Grandma told Abby to pick out a cow she liked. We helped her pick a young one with a white question mark on its face. We named it Abby's favorite question - Why?