Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Phoenix Trip

This past weekend we visited friends in Phoenix. We left early Saturday morning - a miracle with little children, and were in Phoenix area by lunchtime.
We took the kids to the McCormick-Stillman Railway Park. They loved it! Especially since they had been sitting in the car for many hours. The whole weekend they kept asking to go back again. After lunch we let them play at the play ground.

Then we rode the train around the park. The kids rode in the boxcar and we rode in the car in front of them.Next we rode the carousel. Abby loved it, and Robert was a bit nervous about the horses. Josiah played it safe and sat with mommy and Beth.

Sunday Morning we got to go to Faithful Word Baptist Church and hear some great Bible preaching. After a good lunch my husband went soul winning with the men of the church, and I got to spend time with the pastor's wife. Our kids had fun playing together while we talked. Later we went soul winning while the dads watched their kids.

They loved dressing up. I need to find them more costumes.

The trip home was good. After a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel - thanks to Grandma who met us there, we did some shoppingt at hrift stores and survey stores (for my husband). I bought mostly books for the kids to read.

The ride home started like this.

And then looked like this. I enjoyed this rare moment of all kids sleeping at on time during the day.