Friday, September 27, 2013

Complete Church Piano Course Review

We recently received piano books to use and review from a family friend and my favorite preacher, Pastor Steven Anderson.  As soon as I opened the package, Abby was thrilled.  She has had about 2 years of lessons, and often tries to play from the hymn book.  She was able to play the first two songs in the book very easily.  Robert also wanted to play from the book.  They love how simple the songs are.  First Abby played Nothing but the Blood over and over and over.  Then Robert played it over and over and over.  After a few days of that I now had that song stuck in my head, but it is better than the other stuff they have to practice for their piano teacher. 
I was able to play the first few songs, too.  I am very excited about this because I had very little training, and have taught myself most of what I know.  I’d much rather play hymns than the silly stuff in other practice books.  Now I just need to find spare time to practice.  In the past few weeks they have learned the next several songs on their own with no help from me.  It is so nice to hear them playing hymns!!

Since Abby and Robert are the oldest, I am sure these books will get a lot of use in our family.  The other kids also show interest in the piano.  They are still a little young to have official lessons yet.

Here is the site and a video if you wish to learn more about these books and order them.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beth's 4th Birthday

Beth is the only child with a birthday in a different month.  All the others are in March.  This year she asked for homemade pizza.  She also wanted her aunts and grandparents to come to her party. 
Beth is such a sweet child and always smiling.  She loves helping me cook.  Her favorite thing to tell me is "Mom, when I have money I'm going to buy you __________"  She is always making plans for buying things for others even though she doesn't have money. 
 All dressed up in jewelry from Abby.
 Helping with the pizza!
Hannah playing in the tent from Aunt Barbara.  The tent was a big hit!