Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Last March for Abby's birthday she got a lionhead rabbit.  We now have three lionhead rabbits.  She named her rabbit Ginger.  Hannah adores the bunny.  However, the name Ginger has led to some very funny confusions as to which ginger.
Abby holding Ginger
Hannah and Ginger
Anytime I say ginger Hannah immediately thinks it is the rabbit.  One day when Abby was sick she asked to have a ginger-bath.  Ginger baths seem to help with fevers and general flu symptoms.  When Hannah heard this she wanted to go get Ginger the rabbit to put in the tub.
Another time Hannah was asking me for "bunny chews".  I was very confused about what she was asking for.  Finally I figured it out, she wanted the ginger candies that I had bought for a trip to help those who had motion sickness.