Saturday, December 23, 2017

Creative evenings

I have been using my long evenings to start creating things again.  I know I've been spending too much time on gadgets. I find that when I put the gadgets away and sew, crochet, or some other craft I am having more conversations with my husband and children. This past week I even played games and crocheted at the same time. 

I love the challenge of creating something new and different, especially from the jeans that my boys keep wearing the knees out.  Hannah even wants to sew along with me.  Beth loves to use her knitting looms and create baby doll stuff.  Abby is a wonderful artist and is constantly drawing instead of doing her schoolwork.

I opened an Etsy shop to hopefully sell some of the things I create.  I don't like to hang onto every thing I make.  It would be too overwhelming.  We also could use some extra income to help pay bills.

My husband's work has slowed down so much that he frequently doesn't even get 40 hrs a week.  We have our house on the market, but we have mixed feelings about moving.  One day I want to move, have new friends, new home, and new adventures.  Then the next day I see everything I love about where we are now and I really hate the idea of moving. 

Any ideas or tips about selling on Etsy would be appreciated.  Also I'm open to other legitimate work at home ideas. I am an introvert so marketing/selling things is not appealing at all.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

I'm back

Well, maybe I'm back.  I haven't done anything with my blog for over two years. We'll see how it goes.  With homeschooling, mothering, cooking, cleaning, ect., I'm not making any promises.  My newest venture is trying to sell on Etsy.  I love all kinds of crafts, but stopped doing them because it was creating a lot of clutter.  I struggle with clutter.  We probably all struggle with it.  I know that the more clutter I have the more stressed I become.  I'm hoping to turn what I love into something profitable.

I feel like I need to relearn how to blog.

What kind of posts would you, my readers, like for me to write?