Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Parties

We had three birthday parties for the kids.The first one was when Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ed came to visit on March 12th. She brought the kids a cake, ice cream, balloons, new bikes and a tricycle, and lots of books. We love books! The kids had more fun with the balloons than anything else. Abby impressed Aunt Barbara by reading several of the small board books to her. Robert even read one to her. Last time he was too shy to say much around them.
The next party was on Sunday (Josiah's birthday) at Faithful Word Baptist Church. When we told them that it was Josiah’s birthday, the pastor’s wife went that afternoon and bought him a cake, and that evening after the service they had a small party for him and the twins. Josiah slept through the whole thing and didn’t get any cake until the next day. :)
Then after our trip to Phoenix we had a party for the kids here with family. I did not get to do as much as I had planned, but the kids enjoyed their time with family and the gifts that they got. I made Abby a “princess dress”, and I bought knight costumes for the boys. They are to "protect" the princess from "monsters". Here is the Princess and her sister.
Princess with all her jewelry on :)
I did not have my camera for the first two parties, so all the photos in this post are from the last party that we had at home. I rarely have my camera at the right time, or completely forget about it until it is all over :(

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phoenix trip

We took our second trip to Phoenix. The kids did great riding in the car for six hours. We did stop and let them stretch occasionally. On the way to Phoenix Abby surprised me by reading a Dr. Seuss book by herself with very little help from me. Robert decided he wanted to look like a tiger so he used an erasable marker to make whiskers on his face. Thankfully it washed of easily with a wet wipe.
We had a great time Sunday at church listening to Bible preaching and fellowshipping with other believers and soul winners. We got to go soul winning with Faithful Word Baptist Church. Between my husband and I, we had three people saved while in Phoenix.

On Monday we went to the zoo. The kids had a great time looking at all the animals. Around two they started saying they were tired of walking so after seeing the lions and tiger we headed for the car. Josiah slept in the stroller through the last part and missed the lions and tiger. We did not go far in the van before all the kids were asleep! Then when we got back to the motel they woke up and my husband and I did not get any rest.
On Tuesday we did some shopping. Gabe enjoys survey shops so we went to two different ones in Phoenix. We also went to a thrift store. Abby needed dresses and skirts. She wanted every dress or skirt that was a “dancing” one. To her a “dancing” dress is one with a full skirt that flairs out when you spin. She also wants “princess” dresses. A “princess” dress is one that covers your shoes and flairs out when spinning. Gabe found several long sleeve shirts to use for working out in the sun.

On Wednesday we got up, packed and headed home. Abby was very sad to leave Phoenix, but she did not cry this time (she did cry last year as we left). She loves the church there and wants to stay. I would love to stay as well. I really enjoy the preaching and the fellowship at Faithful Word Baptist Church. There is a link under "Favorite Sites" to the preaching of FWBC. Check it out sometime.
I would write more now but the kids are all up from their naps. I want to share a little about their birthday parties and more photos soon.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet little Elisabeth

Here are photos of our sweet baby girl. I am posting this with grandparents and family in mind that are unable to visit and hold Elisabeth.

Josiah has fallen in love with his little sister. We play a little game. While holding Elisabeth I say, "Mommy's baby." Josiah replies, "No, me Beebee," and gives her a hug. I say again, "Mommy's baby," and he answers with "No, Dada Beebee". On and on the game goes. We usually list everyone in the family before we are done.
Abby loves to see her all dressed up in "dancing dresses". She was very happy to take her picture while I held her.
The yellow dress that Elisabeth is wearing was crocheted by my grandma, and worn by me many years ago.
Another pretty dress on our beautiful girl. Gabe said that he thinks it will be hard to tell Elisabeth "No". She is going to be Daddy's girl even more than Abby is.
She enjoys watching the activity in the home.
The kids wearing matching pj's
We even got Rueben's picture, but Josiah didn't want to be in this photo, so he sat beside me while I took the picture.
I am doing something with Elisabeth that I didn't do with the others. I have made a wrap and a ring sling from fabric that I had on hand and that needed to be used :) I carry her with me around the house while I do chores, teach, cook, and whatever. The wrap holds her better that the sling, but both are great from holding the baby and having your hands free. I take the sling with me whenever we leave the house. I have learned to nurse her using the sling to cover me. Rueben took this photo of her sleeping in the sling. She will sleep for hours while I go about my day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday month

All are feeling better here except Josiah. He is still dealing with teething symptoms. One day he is fine then the next day he is cranky and running a fever. I will be glad when this is over!!

Both Josiah and the twins have birthdays this month. Josiah will be two on the 15th and Abby and Robert will be four on the 19th. For a few days after Josiah’s birth I had three children under the age of two! Right now I have four kids under four - not as scary as three under two.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do for them. I would like to have just one party like we did last year. Abby told me she wants a princess on the cake and Robert said he wants a tiger on the cake. Josiah doesn’t care, yet.

I'm not much of a party planner. I haven't had much experience with party planning, so any ideas would be appreciated.