Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Parties

We had three birthday parties for the kids.The first one was when Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ed came to visit on March 12th. She brought the kids a cake, ice cream, balloons, new bikes and a tricycle, and lots of books. We love books! The kids had more fun with the balloons than anything else. Abby impressed Aunt Barbara by reading several of the small board books to her. Robert even read one to her. Last time he was too shy to say much around them.
The next party was on Sunday (Josiah's birthday) at Faithful Word Baptist Church. When we told them that it was Josiah’s birthday, the pastor’s wife went that afternoon and bought him a cake, and that evening after the service they had a small party for him and the twins. Josiah slept through the whole thing and didn’t get any cake until the next day. :)
Then after our trip to Phoenix we had a party for the kids here with family. I did not get to do as much as I had planned, but the kids enjoyed their time with family and the gifts that they got. I made Abby a “princess dress”, and I bought knight costumes for the boys. They are to "protect" the princess from "monsters". Here is the Princess and her sister.
Princess with all her jewelry on :)
I did not have my camera for the first two parties, so all the photos in this post are from the last party that we had at home. I rarely have my camera at the right time, or completely forget about it until it is all over :(

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Adorable pictures!