Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet little Elisabeth

Here are photos of our sweet baby girl. I am posting this with grandparents and family in mind that are unable to visit and hold Elisabeth.

Josiah has fallen in love with his little sister. We play a little game. While holding Elisabeth I say, "Mommy's baby." Josiah replies, "No, me Beebee," and gives her a hug. I say again, "Mommy's baby," and he answers with "No, Dada Beebee". On and on the game goes. We usually list everyone in the family before we are done.
Abby loves to see her all dressed up in "dancing dresses". She was very happy to take her picture while I held her.
The yellow dress that Elisabeth is wearing was crocheted by my grandma, and worn by me many years ago.
Another pretty dress on our beautiful girl. Gabe said that he thinks it will be hard to tell Elisabeth "No". She is going to be Daddy's girl even more than Abby is.
She enjoys watching the activity in the home.
The kids wearing matching pj's
We even got Rueben's picture, but Josiah didn't want to be in this photo, so he sat beside me while I took the picture.
I am doing something with Elisabeth that I didn't do with the others. I have made a wrap and a ring sling from fabric that I had on hand and that needed to be used :) I carry her with me around the house while I do chores, teach, cook, and whatever. The wrap holds her better that the sling, but both are great from holding the baby and having your hands free. I take the sling with me whenever we leave the house. I have learned to nurse her using the sling to cover me. Rueben took this photo of her sleeping in the sling. She will sleep for hours while I go about my day.

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Anonymous said...

Elisabeth is adorable! She looks a lot like Abby.