Friday, January 5, 2018

Patchwork skirt

Recently we were given a bag of fabric scraps.  Beth wanted to make a skirt or dress from some of the browns but there wasn't enough of any one color and it had odd angles. Finally, I had an idea of making patches and sewing them together.  

First, I cut rectangles 7"x11"  (Next, time I think I'll do 7"x10")
Then I pinned the patches together.
 Next, I let Beth and Hannah sew them.  This was great practice for them.  It is a short straight line.  They enjoyed it, and I saw an improvement in their ability to sew straight.
 After they finished sewing, I serged all the edges.
  Instead of doing gathering stitches, I put in little tucks semi-evenlly around the skirt.
 To finish it, I hemmed the bottom, and made a casing for 1" inch elastic.
 I have a large safety pin that I use for pulling the elastic through the casing.

The finished product!!!!
This was a fun project and Hannah is already planning to make a similar skirt with blue material.  Have you ever done a similar project?  What do you do with leftover material?  I'd love to hear your ideas.  Please let me know in the comments.

PS. To see more of what we are creating, please visit CreatedByOurClan on etsy.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Creative evenings

I have been using my long evenings to start creating things again.  I know I've been spending too much time on gadgets. I find that when I put the gadgets away and sew, crochet, or some other craft I am having more conversations with my husband and children. This past week I even played games and crocheted at the same time. 

I love the challenge of creating something new and different, especially from the jeans that my boys keep wearing the knees out.  Hannah even wants to sew along with me.  Beth loves to use her knitting looms and create baby doll stuff.  Abby is a wonderful artist and is constantly drawing instead of doing her schoolwork.

I opened an Etsy shop to hopefully sell some of the things I create.  I don't like to hang onto every thing I make.  It would be too overwhelming.  We also could use some extra income to help pay bills.

My husband's work has slowed down so much that he frequently doesn't even get 40 hrs a week.  We have our house on the market, but we have mixed feelings about moving.  One day I want to move, have new friends, new home, and new adventures.  Then the next day I see everything I love about where we are now and I really hate the idea of moving. 

Any ideas or tips about selling on Etsy would be appreciated.  Also I'm open to other legitimate work at home ideas. I am an introvert so marketing/selling things is not appealing at all.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

I'm back

Well, maybe I'm back.  I haven't done anything with my blog for over two years. We'll see how it goes.  With homeschooling, mothering, cooking, cleaning, ect., I'm not making any promises.  My newest venture is trying to sell on Etsy.  I love all kinds of crafts, but stopped doing them because it was creating a lot of clutter.  I struggle with clutter.  We probably all struggle with it.  I know that the more clutter I have the more stressed I become.  I'm hoping to turn what I love into something profitable.

I feel like I need to relearn how to blog.

What kind of posts would you, my readers, like for me to write?

Monday, November 16, 2015

New Deck

Every year my parents come to visit, and every year we have a project for my dad.  This year's project was a deck on the back of our house.  I have been dreaming about having a deck for several years.  With everyone helping we got it done in record time.
 The boys enjoyed helping to remove the old porch.

Foundation being laid.  The kids had a grand time going in and out of the door without a porch.

Everyone helped attach the deck boards!

 Cute little guy!!!
almost done with deck boards
 makes a great place to pretend you're in a cage

Steps and gate done.
 All done!
Fun walking on outside of deck
First snow from deck
 This  little guy is just too cute!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Today my smiling girl turns six.
She likes to pretend that Josiah is her twin.
She made a new friend this year.
And spent time with some other friends.  The girl to the left of Beth was born the day before Beth and with the same midwife.
She loved the snow we had this year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Last March for Abby's birthday she got a lionhead rabbit.  We now have three lionhead rabbits.  She named her rabbit Ginger.  Hannah adores the bunny.  However, the name Ginger has led to some very funny confusions as to which ginger.
Abby holding Ginger
Hannah and Ginger
Anytime I say ginger Hannah immediately thinks it is the rabbit.  One day when Abby was sick she asked to have a ginger-bath.  Ginger baths seem to help with fevers and general flu symptoms.  When Hannah heard this she wanted to go get Ginger the rabbit to put in the tub.
Another time Hannah was asking me for "bunny chews".  I was very confused about what she was asking for.  Finally I figured it out, she wanted the ginger candies that I had bought for a trip to help those who had motion sickness.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Summer, so far

We are staying busy this summer, like always.  We had a good school year.  Everyone finished the work I had planned for them.  Josiah has it easy in school.  He hears the twins learn a concept.  Then when he gets to that concept he is already familiar with it from just over hearing them learn it.
Last month my parents came for a visit.  I love when they come.  We usually do some project around the house.  This year's project was to replace the carpet with laminate flooring.  The kids all helped.  My aunt also came over to help with it.  Grandma's job was to hold and entertain Nathan so I could do some of the work too.  My knees really hurt after a day of work.  The rooms look so much better with out the carpet and the kids love to slide on it with their socks.
A before shot of the very stained carpet
Removing carpet and staples from the floor
Some of the dirt we found under the carpet.  I never want carpet again!
The boys really helped with putting the laminate together
Grandma and Nathan
The finished floor looks beautiful
After we finished the floor we took a day to go hiking in the La Plata Mountains.  My aunt joined us.  It was a steep trail that my dad picked.  We went up a ways before turning back with the kids, but my dad continued to the very top and found an old mine.  He was very happy with his hike to the top of the mountain.
We stopped to look at a chipmunk
View from near the top
Also while my parents were here, Abby got to play the piano for church during the offering.  She has been practicing hymns on her own out of thComplete Church Piano Course book one which I wrote about in another post.  She is doing very well at learning the piano.
After my parents left we went camping at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in AZ.  This year we had a cabin which made packing nicer.  We didn't have to squeeze a tent, air mattresses, etc. in an already crowded van.  The kids were so busy playing with friends that they were only at our cabin to eat and sleep.  The first morning they were up way too early and found that their friends were up too.  It was a blessing to see them playing with other young people and making new friends.  I enjoyed the fellowship with other ladies, too.
Our cabin
Nathan enjoying the cabin porch
We went to Phoenix after camp to visit Faithful Word Baptist Church and see friends there who did not get to go on the camping trip.
Tried to get everyone to smile and look at the camera, but we didn't have time or patience for 50+ pictures
My garden has suffered greatly this year.  It has more weeds than vegetables.  Nathan is the center of attention around here this summer.  All his older siblings love to hold and entertain him.
Nathan about two weeks old
Hannah would hold him all the time if she could
So sweet!!

Nathan about 2 months old
Ready for church

The boys
Josiah entertaining Nathan.
Robert and Nathan
Busy watching everything 
I can't believe he will be three months old in just a few days!