Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Here...

Wow it's been over a month and I've not even tried to post anything! Do you want to hear my excusses? There are several. The biggest one is my desktop PC died. Something happened and it won't even start! I have lost all my pictures, school records, homemaking lists and forms I created. I had a few things backed up on my laptop, but not enough. I'm trying to find a way to get my files off my hard drive, but I haven't given it much time, yet. Homeschooling, raising my kids, and homemaking take a higher priority than the computer.
Quick Family Update:
She is crawling everywhere and putting everything in her mouth. Her older siblings willingly leave many items on the floor for her to chew up! She is so cute and cuddly.
My little blond one. She still has very little fine hair which is lighter than any of the others. She is eargerly learning her ABC's. I found the LeapFrog DVD at a thrift store that teaches the letter sounds. After just a few times watching it she has learned the majority of the sounds. We also go over a letter a week in school time with her. She loves to help Mommy and play with her babies (and Hannah if Mom's not watching).
My early, early bird! I hate time change. He is up before 5:30am!!?! Why? So he can play! His favorite things are legos, and legos with wheels, and more legos. I know what to get him for Christmas. I found a PC game at the thrift store called Lego Racers, and he just loves it. His school work is going well. He is doing kindergarten math, and in reading he is starting to do long vowels. Throughout the day he tries to spell things to me or read words written on signs, boxes, and other places.
My quiet one. I thank God I have a quiet one. He wanted to learn piano this year like Abby, and with his practicing and learning from her, he has almost caught up with her. He is doing well with school, and starting to enjoy reading longer books. He loves to help Dad when he is working outside and can stay focused on a task much longer than the other kids.
My artist! She would draw or paint all day if I'd let her. She loves to dress up as a princess or a bride. She has "married" Robert twice, just because she likes dressing up. She doesn't get it from me. She has asked me to teach her to sew. I'm excited about that. We have started a baby doll pillow and blanket. She is doing well in school. Usually her papers are covered with drawings of princesses, and it takes her a long time to finish since she doesn't seem to focus and get her work done. She is doing well with learning the piano. Last night she played "Jesus Loves Me" for the offering. She comes up with the funniest questions. Last week we were talking about the lady we buy our milk from and she asked me "Is that the room where she takes the grass out of the milk?"
Well, my break is over. Time to get back to chores while the little kids are napping.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little Toes

I love her little toes and the way she holds them together. She is very facinated with them. Abby was like that, too. However, Hannah seems more facinated than I remember Abby. Sometimes she even holds both her hands and toes together. Here are some cute pictures of her holding them together. I think she is the cutest and most adorable baby and I just wanted to share that with the world. :)
She is growing up so fast. She is starting to crawl and loves be where the kids are to see their crazy things they do. She is holding her toes together less, since she is starting to use them for crawling.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Funny Sayings

One Sunday sfternoon while I was fixing lunch the boys were busy shooting imaginary Indians. I did inform them that they were Indians, but the told me that they were shooting "bad" Indians. Beth came to me all told me in a worried maner that the Indians were going to shoot her. I told her to get her brothers to shoot the Indians. She did and while they were shooting the Indians out the window, she fell down behind them and said, "Indian got me. Indian got me." Then the boys turned around and "shot" the Indian. She got up and went on her way.

Josiah at church one Wednesday evening said, "When Hannah grows up and I grow up, I'm going to marry Hannah."

Abby while we were going to town one day said, "I wonder what color my Honda will be when I grow up."

Abby is my question child. Always asking something which usually has nothing to do with what I just told her or asked her to do. The other day at lunch she asked, "If we take water to teh sun could we put out the fire?"

Kids are so much fun. A lot of work too, but the fun times help balance it out. I was talking yesterday with another mom with several children. We agreed that we don't know how we get everything done that we do, but somehow we do it. So the next time some stranger asks me how I do it I'm going to say, "Fairies help at night while I sleep!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Hike

Once a year when my dad come to visit I get to do something I have loved since childhood - hike. Really hike, not just stroll in the park. This year I introduce my kids to Grandpa's style of hiking. We went up hill for three hours, but only took one hour to come back down. We really took our time going up. For the first time since moving out here I found wild strawberries. There is nothing sweeter, but they are hard to gather since they are tiny. The kids had fun doing this and we were quite a way up the mountain before they started to ask to go back. We actually filled their tummies with the delicious berries. At our turn around point the path divided and went two different directions. I wanted to keep going, but kids were tired. The mountains were beautiful and I can't wait to go back again.

Even Beth got her own berries!

The veiws at the top were spectacular!

Hiking made everyone hungry. Wild strawberries didn't fill everyone up for long.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twenty Dollar Table

I love to shop yard sales, and so does my husband. A few weeks ago we found a table at a yard sale. The top was very ugly. It had been outside for a while, but the table seemed solid. We talked them down to $20. I saw it as a project for my dad, who wants to stay busy when he comes to visit. I had wanted a table to put in my dining room. The room is carpeted so I will not let the kids eat in there, but we want to take the carpet out and put in laminate wood floor next year. My dad got started right away. It looked so much better as soon as it was sanded.


Work in progress


It is now my project table. I have all my school books on it now as I prepare to start a new school year. I have also used it to sew. I love the space to spread out and I don't have to clear it off to eat. I've never had this luxury before.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Months Old

I can believe how fast time goes! Five months old already! She is adored by all the family and is as cute as can be! Her favorite pastime when lying on the floor is to hold her feet together. It is so cute to watch. She has recently started rolling over, but still hold the feet together even on her tummy. I love to see her do it. My mom recently visited and told me that I did the same thing as a baby.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Water Ballons

The weather has been very warm lately. Last week I decided to let them throw water balloons at each other to help them cool off and have some fun. Abby, Robert, and Josiah had a blast. Beth seemed a bit reluctant to get in on the action. She did not want to throw the water balloons. Her siblings were quite happy to help her and they threw several of her balloons. When I handed out the last water balloons, she refused to let anyone have her balloon. She started crying and yelling at the others if they got near her balloon. I asked her what she wanted to do with the balloon. She said, "Hide it." I asked, "Where?" She replied, "Outside." I told her that the heat from the sun would pop it. She then told me "put it up high." I did put it on in a safe spot and told the others to not touch it - that was her greatest concern.
Later I saw her carrying it around and kissing it like it was her baby. Than she was walking around with Robert carrying her "baby". Every one joined in the game and called it her "baby". She allowed the others to hold it for a little while, but soon wanted it back. Abby drew on it while she was "babysitting" (Abby draws on almost everything).
I was worried about it popping in the house, but I told myself, "It is just water. It will dry, and it isn't messy like other things that have spilt in the house."
The inevitable finnaly happened late in the afternoon. It popped, and she got drenched. She was very upset about it. After a change of clothes, hugs, and promises of more water balloons, she calmed down. Now everyone wants a water balloon baby!

The fight outside - yes the lawn needs mowed!

Jojo showing off his balloons - just seconds before they popped!

Beth and her "baby"

The reaction to the end of the water balloon.
With a reaction like that I'm not sure I want to fill water balloons for a while.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding photos

Abby loves to dress up in beautiful dresses and accessories. She can't wait to get married so she can wear a wedding dress. Last month someone gave us a suit coat for Robert. The next day Abby wanted to "marry" Robert. Here are the photos I took after the wedding.
My internet connection was messed up last month, plus I've been busy with five kids six and under. That is my excuse for so few posts!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Events

Visitors -
My aunt and uncle came to visit us from California. The last time they were here was two years ago when Beth was a baby. The living room looked like Christmas with all the birthday gifts they brought. After going through all the gifts, the kids found Uncle Ed's walker more fun, plus the gifts will be here for a while. The walker went home with Uncle Ed.The bucket Beth has comes in handy when watering the garden!
Birthday -
Rueben turned 20 - no longer a teenager. He is working again with Gabe doing the surveying. Just a little school work to finish up. He should be done in a month or so.

Vacation -
We took another short vacation to Phoenix. We spent one evening fellowshipping with friends. Another day we visited two museums. The kids really enjoyed the fire trucks at the Hall of Flame. At the mining museum they got some pretty rocks, which they all enjoyed. We went for a walk in a park and met a group of reporters from China. They took pictures of us. They were amazed at a family with five children, since they are allowed only one. We went shopping at Saver's, a chain of thrift stores in Phoenix. We found pants for the boys (they keep wearing holes in them) and Abby got two nice long skirts.

The boys wore their "new" clothes from Saver's the day after we got home.

Baptism -
While in Phoenix, Abigail and Robert got baptized.Gardening -
We put several loads of horse manure on the garden this past winter, and mixed it in with the soil. The chickens also helped stir things around. They love to take dirt baths in the manure - yuck!
I've started planting. A friend gave me some of her extra spinach starts. I put out my tomato plant that I started in February. It is surrounded by a Wall-O-Water to keep it protected from frost. We put up more fence to keep the chickens out of the garden, so now my strawberries and onions have a chance to grow. Before fixing the fence problem the chickens were eating them as soon as any green showed up. I also had to fence in my raspberry bush for the same reason, plus the kids were walking over it, and the kittens played there, too. So far I have planted carrots for Robert, and peas for Abby, lettuce, and put out the pepper plants and surrounded them with the Wall-O-Water. I have a lot more I want to do. Hopefully I have the energy and time to do it. I also am looking forward to having my dad come out to visit and help me with the gardening.

School -
We studied butterflies one week this month, so I got a butterfly kit for the kids. We ordered the caterpillars, and now we have five painted lady butterflies in the cage. We will release them as soon as I see some painted ladies around here. I want the weather to be warm enough for them to survive. Until then, we will feed them sugar water.
I am looking into a more structured curriculum for Abby and Robert since they are six and "school age". At least pick out something for math, English and spelling. I like doing unit studies which includes everyone on some activities.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Group photo

I took this quickly this morning and was surprised how well it turned out (4 of 5 are looking at the camera!).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm falling behind

My house work is getting so far behind I feel I may never catch up. Lately I just ignore it, but the clutter bothers me. However, I'd rather hold Hannah. She won't be this little forever. It is so hard to put such a precious little girl down, and house work is hard to do one-handed. I do have a sling and a wrap that I use at times. There are others who would be happy to hold her for me, but I am a bit selfish since I enjoy her so much. Since she is asleep in her crib right now I should get off the computer and go do some cleaning, laundry, cooking, or help Rueben with his algebra. I just need to decide where to start!?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My firefighters

Last week we visited my sister, Becky, at the firestation where she works. She works at the front desk - not as a fire fighter. She took the kids around, showed them the fire trucks, and gave them fire hats. The next day the kids were up early, dressed in red, and went out early to play fire fighters.
They loaded the hose onto the fire truck (aka red wagon)at the fire the girl tended the hose at the truck, while
the boys put out the fire!
The job is done, and it's a good thing, because the wind picked up making the rest of the day bad for fires!