Sunday, August 14, 2011

Twenty Dollar Table

I love to shop yard sales, and so does my husband. A few weeks ago we found a table at a yard sale. The top was very ugly. It had been outside for a while, but the table seemed solid. We talked them down to $20. I saw it as a project for my dad, who wants to stay busy when he comes to visit. I had wanted a table to put in my dining room. The room is carpeted so I will not let the kids eat in there, but we want to take the carpet out and put in laminate wood floor next year. My dad got started right away. It looked so much better as soon as it was sanded.


Work in progress


It is now my project table. I have all my school books on it now as I prepare to start a new school year. I have also used it to sew. I love the space to spread out and I don't have to clear it off to eat. I've never had this luxury before.

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Zsuzsanna said...

Wow, how beautiful! Your dad did a fantastic job!