Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saturday at Albrquerque Aquarium

Last Friday my husband suggested that we go to the Albuquerque Aquarium Saturday and do some shopping. I am not one to make sudden plans, but I liked the idea and set to work getting things ready. We left home at 6am – a small miracle for a family with four young ones! We got to the Aquarium by 10am and spent a few hours looking at the fish and taking photos. It was fun to listen to the comment of the kids. It is amazing what they come up with. Abby told me that the mouth of the rays looks like a zipper.
After the Aquarium we went to the Botanical Garden which had an area for kids. It had normal garden items made extra large so you felt like an ant walking through the area. The kids were slightly scared at first. There was a dragon statue at the entrance and a large bee that buzzed when you passed it. But they soon got over their fear and were climbing on everything.

Beth had fun running around. The wheel on my stroller broke so we didn’t have a stroller to keep her strapped in. She loved the freedom.

After that we went to a surveyor’s store for my husband, then on to thrift stores to get clothes and books. We also stopped at a used bookstore, but I didn’t buy anything.