Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funny things kids do and say

Recently, at our church there was a skit. In the skit "Oswald" was a missionary to outer space. He brought one of his converts Darth Vader (Brother Vader) back with him. Now, my kids know nothing at all about Darth Vader or star wars or any of that nonsense, but they love "Oswald" AKA Bro. Larry Don. Today while playing with their toys I heard Josiah say "My policeman is Darth Vader and yours is Oswald." I'm not familiar with Darth Vader either, but I don't think he is a policeman! That is how they view him.

After lunch I gave Beth a piece of fry bread which she took outside to eat. The only problem was the chickens were running loose. I was helping Abby with a chore and Beth came crying to me saying "bauck, bauck". I gathered from her that the chicken had stolen a piece off her bread. She still had some fry bread so I told her to eat it before the chickens got more of it. I then put food out for them to eat, hoping to keep them busy until she got it eaten. A little later she was crying again. I saw the guilt hen running with a piece of bread in her beak. The bread was gone. Robert and Beth tried to catch the hen, but that didn't work. Besides, I wouldn't have let her eat bread after the chicken had it anyway!