Friday, June 29, 2012

This year's garden

Here is a quick post on my gardening experience so far this summer.
I dug ditches this year hoping that I could water by flooding the garden - not working for me.  We tried a drip system last year that did okay, but I went back to sprinklers this year.  It is easier to tell if it is working.  I put in some more strawberries this year, a new raspberry bush (chickens killed mine last year), I started a corner for herbs, and planted a variety of vegetables that we like.
Broccoli looks great! This is the biggest I've ever had!
Comfery is doing great too!  I am using it in my mint tea and green smoothies.
Onions look happy, but the beans to the right look sad.
Tomatoes are very sick looking.  I've had great tomato plants in the past, but this is the second year they look sickly.
Another look at my sad beans.  (I have a bigger patch in another location that is doing better)
I tried to grow strawberries and a blueberry in containers, but we (the kids helped) killed them. I think we over watered.
Now that we are done with schooling for the year, we can spend more time outside in the garden.  Yesterday all five kids and I went out to weed the corn and beans I have.  They did great and had a fun time, and I lost only four bean plants.  They are begging to go weed again.