Monday, January 12, 2009

"I forgot"

My husband leaves for work early every weekday. Usually the kids are all sleeping when he leaves. This morning after Abby woke up she asked "Where is Daddy?" I told her that he was at work, but I thought this was unusual for her to ask since she knows he goes to work everyday. Then she surprised me by saying, "I forgot. I wanted to go to work with him." I called my husband later and he got a good laugh from it.

Still no baby. I am trying to stay busy and not think too much about it. I am anxious to hold my baby in my arms. Abby and Robert are excited, too. Everyday they ask me when is baby coming, or want to pray that baby sister comes soon.

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Iris said...

Hi Abby
That is so nice you wanted to go and help your Daddy at work. I ask my Dad too "When is kids day? so I can go to work with you".
Hope you are doing good. I miss you. When you come again, You can play the "com-piano" with me!

Well I gotta go Bye bye....