Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phoenix trip

We had a great trip to Phoenix this past weekend. We visited the Faithful Word Baptist Church. We have been listening to the sermons that Bro. Anderson preaches, and we wanted to meet him and to learn more about soul winning from him and his church. It was wonderful to meet other soul winning ladies that had similar standards and convictions as I have. We got to go soul winning Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. In those two days, my husband had 8 people saved, and I lead two people to the Lord. All together the church had 48 saved over those two days. That is really good for a church that had 46 in attendance Sunday morning while we were there. I enjoyed the preaching and fellowship after the service. I took my camera and I did plan on taking pictures, but I never did. I was enjoying myself too much to worry about taking photos.

I didn’t want to leave, and neither did my daughter. Every time we got in the car she would ask, “Where are we going?” If we said, “home” (usually meaning the hotel) she would say, “I don’t want to go home.” Monday she told us several times that she did not want to go. She wanted to stay in Phoenix. She made several friends and did not want to leave them.

This coming weekend my parents are arriving so now I need to clean house and rearrange beds and rooms so they have a place to stay. The kids are excited to have grandma and grandpa coming, and my list of projects for my dad is growing. He doesn’t sit still, so I have to keep him busy to keep him happy. Our big project is to build bunk beds for the boys. He made up plans to build bunk beds that will work with the crib mattress. I’m not ready for my son to be up too high on a regular twin size bunk bed.

It may be a while before I blog again since my family will be here for two weeks.


Iris said...

It was wonderful meeting you all, please tell Abby I say hi!

Mrs. Wilson said...

It was so nice to meet you. You have a beautiful family. I hope you can come back soon.

God Bless.

Julia said...

It was so wonderful to meet you all, too. We are planning on coming again after the baby comes:)