Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Saturday

I had a stay-at-home and go-nowhere Saturday. I like them every now and again. We usually spend the day in town visiting our bus families and doing errands, but my husband had to take a class Saturday for his work so he and Rueben did the visiting on Friday evening. Also, the Shiprock parade was happening Saturday morning, so very few if any one would be home to visit. Shiprock parade is like a holiday for the Navajo.

Friday I had a yard sale and sold a lot of unused and unneeded items. Saturday morning I tried to sell more, but with the parade going on in Shiprock I had very few customers. While waiting for customers the kids played in the back yard and I finished my housecleaning for the week.

A little before noon my sister came to visit. Her husband was working so she came to hang out with us. The kids were all excited to see Aunt Becky. After lunch it started to sprinkle so we gathered in the yard sale things, and spent the afternoon talking and playing with the kids. We made whoopee pies which have their origin among the Amish. We grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – the heart of Amish country. We love the Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. It was fun to be baking again with my sister. The kids had fun helping and licking out the bowls.

While the whoopee pies were in the oven, we put together the train track for the kids then we got on the internet and shared sites and ideas. All too soon Aunt Becky had to go home. Robert cried when she left. He wanted to go with her.

That evening after the kids had their baths, Aunt Renee, Gabe’s sister, stopped by to see the kids. She was in town for the Shiprock fair. They had a blast chasing their aunt all over the house. Grandma, who came with her, brought the kids sunglasses that she had picked up at a booth at the fair. It was hilarious to watch three kids chasing their aunt with sunglasses on. Who needs TV when you have entertainment like that?


Nikki said...

It looks like you all had a great time. I wish I was close to my sisters.

Iris said...

Cute pictures!