Monday, October 20, 2008

Our busy Saturday

I had a wonderful day this past Saturday. That morning I got to go soul winning with a group of ladies from another church in our town while my husband, Rueben, and the kids did our bus visits. We have been trying to get it so I can go on with a lady from our church on Thursday night while my husband keeps the kids at home, and then he and Rueben go on Sunday afternoon. The only problem with this plan is no ladies are showing up at soul winning meeting that need a partner. The few that do come go with their husbands (IF they go at all). So I call the pastor's wife that I knew of another church in town and she told me when they go on Saturday mornings. It worked out great for me. I got some fellowship with other soul winning women, and I got to lead one person to the Lord! I had been feeling lonely the past few weeks, and the fellowship with these women really helped me. Now I know they will be upset at the church I attend when they find out that I went soul winning and invited people to attend another church, but is that really a crime? Anyway, I had a great time and I will do it again. This allowed me to watch the kids on Sunday afternoon while Gabe and Rueben went soul winning after dropping off the bus kids.

After soul winning and bus visits, we headed out as a family to Crow Mesa to pick pinons (pine nuts for those of you back East that don't know what I am talking about). Two of the kids took a nap on the way out. Since my husband surveys for the oil field companies, he knew of a good place to go picking. The kids enjoyed wondering around the forest making lots of noise and playing games. They did pick up a few pinons, but I guess it reminded them too much of picking up toys, so they soon came up with their own games to play. Josiah was the best picker, but he would sit on my lap so I couldn't move to pick more myself, or he would stand right were I wanted to pick! Anyway, we came home with a bowl full of pinons for me to clean and roast this week.

Crow Mesa Wildlife AreaNapping ChildrenPinons still in the cones.

Abby enjoyed counting the pinons.

Robert is using the lid to "drive" his truck around the forest.

Look at those dirty hands!

Our harvested pinons.

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