Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baby update

Just a few weeks left until the arrival of our newest family member. The Braxton-Hicks contractions and the baby kicking are constant reminders that the big event is nearing. It makes Christmas seem a little less important this year, as I know there is another big event to prepare for. All of the visits with the midwife have gone well. Baby is growing – maybe a little too much. The last visit when the midwife did her measurements, I was about three weeks larger than what I should be. The due date is in January, but it has been changed several times, so I’m not sure if I believe any of the dates that have been told me.

Once Christmas is past, then I will get very serious about preparing for the new baby. I have done several things already, but a few major ones remain. I want to get the crib repainted – a project for my husband. We need to purchase a mattress for the crib. I need to rearrange things in our room to make space for baby and all the things that are needed for her care. I feel rather unorganized. I do not even have a list of what I need to accomplish before the baby arrives. I have been very tired lately so that is why I haven’t posted much on my blog. As time and energy allows, I will continue to post family events and other things.

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