Monday, December 8, 2008

Recent happenings

School is going great they love all the extra activities, and are often begging for more school – especially Abby. One day we used rocks from our driveway to form the letter of the week.
This week we are learning about us for the letter Uu. We are talking about our five senses. For hearing we made our own band of homemade instruments.
We learn about nests for the letter Nn, and one activity was to build our own nest! All three helped and they were proud of their work.
Abigail and Robert have memorized the entire chapter of Psalm 100. We did Psalm 1 during the months of September and October. After listening to Bible Memorization sermon by Pastor Anderson, I renewed my memorizing of the Bible and I started working with the twins. I’m sure Josiah is learning some too, but since he can’t say much right now I don’t know how much he is getting. I am so excited to hear them quoting the Bible. What I find really neat is how they will start quoting their verses while playing, or they recognize their verses when they hear a preacher read or quote them. Abby wants to go to sleep at night listening to preaching or the Bible on tape. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. (3 John 1:4)
After learning Psalms 1 we went to DQ for ice cream. This time it is too cold for eating ice cream and playing on the play ground outside. I bought them games for their leapsters this time. Now I need to decide what chapter to work on next with them.

Josiah eating brought two spoons with him to the table the other morning. He found a new way to eat his favorite dish of oatmeal. It would be better than getting it all over his hands, face, hair, and body.

My chickens surprised me about two weeks ago they started laying eggs. I wasn’t expecting eggs until the spring, since we got them as chicks in late July. It is wonderful to have eggs that I know are healthy and organic for my family to enjoy. They were real tiny the first few days, but are getting bigger as the days pass. So far just my white chickens are laying eggs, but maybe my black one will soon start since she is only a few weeks younger than the white ones. I also have two red ones that are much younger than the others, and they may not lay eggs this winter. I have a light in their house to keep them warmer at night and to make their days seem longer.

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