Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Text messaging for kids

Today Abby and I were in the store shopping while Rueben was watching the rest of the kids out in the van in the parking lot. Shopping goes faster this way and the weather is cool enough for it. It is not good in the middle of summer. Anyway, Rueben sent me a text message telling me that Beth had fallen asleep, and I texted him back. Well, Abby wanted to know how I could text with my phone. I showed her how to use the number pad, to choose a letter, and type a word. Her curiosity was satisfied about that subject and she went on to other questions. She is a continual question asker and has been that way since she could talk clear enough for me to understand her.
After getting home and unloading the groceries, Abby asked for a banana. She pretended to be talking on the banana "phone". Then she brought the banana to me pointed to a section toward the top of the banana and said "Look mom, I got a text message." What an imagination and so funny!

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