Monday, October 26, 2009

Sewing a new skirt

Friday I had a yard sale so in between costumers I worked on some of my sewing projects. Most have been setting for months, even years, waiting for me to find time and motivation to work through the pile. After a few repairs I picked up a project for Abby. I was given a skirt for her that was too short. The top was denim and the bottom was camouflage. I am not fond of camouflage on girls, so I cut that part off. I had some left over material from other projects – I have a hard time throwing out material. I took the left over material and cut rectangular pieces out of it, gathered it and sewed it on the denim part of the skirt. Abby is so happy because it comes down to her feet, and I’m happy because I got rid of some left over fabric.

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