Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby chicks

After we failed at hatching chicks in the incubator a few months ago, my dad offered to buy some chicks for us. After some time thinking about it, I finally decided to go ahead and get some chicks. We ordered them from this site. I like the way they describe the birds and how the site is organized. It was easy to use.
We now have 30+ chicks in my laundry room! They arrived yesterday. The majority are Red Star, the two black ones are Buff Orpingtons, and a few rare chicks that they added for free. The kids are all excited, and I am, too. I enjoy raising animals and my gardening. I used to tell my parents I wanted to live on a farm. My dad, who grew up on a farm, told me it was too much work and that I wouldn't like it. He is probably right. The animals and garden that I have now take enough of my time. I don't think I want much more right now. Here are pictures of the cute little fur balls.

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Oh, those are cute! Our kids would be so jealous, they have been begging for chicks for years. When we had chickens before, I bought grown pullets.