Monday, June 1, 2009

Hiking again

Since my parents are in town, I have had the opportunity to go hiking twice. My dad will hike forever! Last Wednesday we went to Sharktooth Pass trail. The book we had said the trail was open mid-June to October. They were telling the truth. We hiked in snow, but it was beautiful. There were many meadows with water from melting snow that were full of flowers. It was a short hike since we had all the little kids with us. Abby kept asking where all the people were. She didn't like being out there with no one else around.
Saturday Gabe kept two of the kids and let my dad and me go for another hike. We had originally planned to go as a family, but there was too much to be done at home and we were getting a late start. We went for a long hike this time. We took Elisabeth and Robert. Elisabeth slept for almost the entire six hours that we hiked, and Robert did great at keeping up with us. I did give him piggy-back rides for short distances.
It was really challenging to hike in the high altitude. We calculated that we were at least 2100 ft higher at our turnaround point than when we started. We hiked to the trail ended. I felt like I was almost on top of the world. The view was awesome. God made a wonderful world. I am so glad He allows us to enjoy it.
My dad was impressed that Robert did as well as he did. When we turned around. I told him we were going back to the van. He said, "Yeah, lets do that." He was happy to go down the mountain. I am still a little sore from the hike, but I'd do it again. I am looking forward to taking the kids on more hikes.
Photos taken where we turned around.

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