Monday, June 29, 2009

Gardening and Chickens

I am enjoy having the best garden that I have ever planted. This year the kids and I planted carrots, potatoes, peas, a jalapeno plant, and three tomato plants. When my dad was here he did a lot with my garden. We got some manure from preacher’s ranch and used it to mulch the garden. The plants love it and have grown quiet a bit in the past few weeks. He also helped get a better watering system set up – a must for our dry climate. He helped finish planting the garden with beans, cucumbers, watermelon, and more peppers. I sure miss him, but he had to return to Pennsylvania to tend to his own garden. The peas are ready to pick. The kids enjoy eating them as fast as I pick them! While my dad was here we built a bigger and better yard for my chickens. I currently have three hens and one mean rooster. I got him to help protect the hens from dogs and other animals. They miss my dad. He fed them worms, grubs, crickets, and other bugs. We are getting almost enough eggs, but there are days that there are none in the fridge. I think we need a few more hens. Two weeks ago a friend loaned me her incubator so we going to try hatching chicks. We now have 17 eggs in the incubator. I know the kids and I will enjoy watching our own chicks hatch. I will try to take pictures and blog the hatching.

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