Sunday, April 5, 2009

The TV is going....going....almost gone :)

I am very happy about this. My husband thinks I have been praying about this, but really I haven’t. I grew up without TV. I do not miss it, but my husband enjoys watching sports and the news. Recently he has talked about getting rid of it. I did get rid of all the movies except a few Baby Einstein DVDs and “Baby Loves Trains”. These I use when a child is sick. It helps to calm them and keep them resting on the sofa. My husband canceled the Direct TV a month ago, so now we are down to four or five channels. He still can watch his news in the evening.

Some things we have done since reducing the TV time:
- plant the garden
- play a board game
- read to the kids
- go to bed early and get extra rest
- wrestle with dad on the floor
- laugh at the kids as they run around the sofa to the music from the keyboard (Jingle Bells is their favorite song to run to)
- organize closets
- read a book
- read and answer email
- study Spanish at this site
- listen to sermons
- read/study the Bible more
- bake something with the kids
- shoot basketball with Rueben and dad
- and the list goes on

There is so much that you can get done when you do not let the TV distract you.


Becky said...

yeah for you. I hope someday Joe will want to get rid of TV.

Brittany said...

I hear you . It's the same way with us . I hope to eventually get rid of the tv for good . We do allow our son to watch the Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution dvds and sometimes I watch the weather on our local news but other than that the tv stays off most of the time.

fourkid said...

A good way to do this is to try a 30 day "fast" from TV - we found that we didn't miss it (though the first 2 weeks were a bit hard as it is a habit to break.) That way it isn't so permanent if you know you can come back to it in 30 days if you want. We get our news from the computer - it is adeqaute.

Then we invested in some DVD shows we like as a famly - but we can choose when to watch them, and we don't have to deal with horrible commercials!