Sunday, November 16, 2008

Visit from family

I have been extra busy, but really enjoyed having my parents here for about two weeks. They did spend a few days with my sister who lives nearby as well, but since we have a larger home than her, they spent most of their time here. I moved Abby’s bed out to the living room and gave her room to my parents.
Our first project was to make bunk beds for the boys. It turned out great and the kids think it is a new jungle gym for them to climb on! We installed ceiling fans, outside lights, and fixed a few other minor electrical things. I love working with my dad. Grandma would stay inside, watch the kids, and take photos of our work. We tore apart our weed trimmer to see why it didn’t work. The parts for it cost more than getting a new one, so it is headed for the dump.

The kids are watching Grandpa cut wood for the bunk bed.
Checking out Grandpa's tools!

Abby writing on the boards for the bunk bed.
Aunt Becky works at a fire department. We went to see her at work one day.

An afternoon ride/walk around the neighborhood.
We put the bed together in the boys room while the older two were napping. :)
The finished bunk beds are in use!

We also took a day trip to Chaco Cultural National Park. The only problem with that was several of the kids and I had been sick the night before we went, but since my dad’s sister came in from California I didn’t want to disappoint them and just stay home.

My aunt spoiled them with educational toys, games, and books. She has no grandkids of her own so she has gone to spoiling mine and my brother’s kids, too. I like the educational things she bought for my kids.
Chaco ruins is full of impressive buildings built by the ancient culture.
Robert's new Lincoln logs. Rueben build the little village for him. It didn't last long before Josiah knocked it down.
Abby playing her new leapster.
Then our last few projects were putting shelves in a closet so I can use it to store my home schooling stuff and building a nest box for my hens. He also put cabinets in my sister’s kitchen for her and fixed her plumbing leaks. We did not finish everything on my list of projects for my dad, but that is okay. He gets bored if we don’t have something for him to fix or build. Maybe my husband will get some time to do a few little projects, but that is hard since he works over 50 hours a week.
They left for home Thursday morning and Saturday evening they called to say that they made it safely home to PA. Abby wanted to pray that evening that Grandpa she would make her a bunk bed, too, before Christmas! : )


Becky said...

I love the picture of them with their hands over their ears. It reminds me of a picture that mom has of Jonathan and Me when Dad was cleaning up all the cars on our property. :)

Miss Iris said...

Abbyyyyyyy I see you!!