Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Birthdays

This year's birthday party!
March is birthday month in our house.  Four out of five children have their birthdays this month.  It all started with the twins in 2005.  They were born on the 19th.  They have always been close.  They act like a little married couple sometimes.  Just four days before they turned two Josiah was born.  For three days I had three children under the age of two!!  Beth was born in January.  She feels so left out in March.  We keep reminding her that she already had her birthday.  Then in 2011, the same day as the big tsunami in Japan, Hannah was born.
Robert and Abby about a week old
Abby and Robert at first birthday
Robert and Abby 9 yrs old
Robert 2yrs. & Josiah about 1 week
Josiah age 7
Hannah a day old, Abby almost 6 yrs
Hannah 3 yrs old
I am going to try to do more blogging now that I have a better computer and internet connection, but with five kids and one on the was that still may not happen.