Thursday, April 19, 2012

Too much milk remedy

Recently Hannah went through some rough days due to teething.  She nursed more often those days and nights.  As a result I produced more milk.  Then suddenly she didn’t want as much.  Oh me! I had too much, and I got a very painful infection on top of it all.  I soon got some fresh pineapple and had some relief.
I hear a lot about drinking a special blended tea for “mother’s milk” for those who need help producing milk.  I tried it once.  I don’t need it!  I have the opposite problem frequently, but I haven’t heard of many remedies for that.  I had a doula a few years ago share with me that fresh pineapple will reduce the amount of milk that you produce.  That bit of information has helped me many times.  Just a few pieces at a time and I am no longer uncomfortably full.  I don’t eat too much or I may not have enough milk for Hannah.  It is a delicious way to solve an uncomfortable problem.
I hope this will help other mothers.