Saturday, March 31, 2012

14 Plus Babies in My House

Yesterday I brought home 11 little chicks.  I love their little peeps from their corner in my kitchen.  They are buff Orpington.  My kids are begging to hold them and help take care of them.  They will be replacing my current hens this fall.
Just this morning the mama cat, that I have been trying to keep outside because she is very, very fat, came inside when the kids opened the door.  Her time has come and she had her first kitten on the floor in the doorway to my room.  She has since moved to an empty box in my closet and had two more.
Now the cat and kittens will not be staying in my house long.  When she is done, I will be moving her to a safe place outside probably in with my chickens (she did fine there last time).  A mama cat and baby chicks in the same house is NOT a good combination!  Especially since this mama cat has been know to bring in wild birds, baby rabbits, mice, and prairie dogs for her kittens.
Typically I try to keep animals outside.  My lovely children create enough messes in the house.  I do not need animals in my home creating more.  The chicks will be moved out in a few weeks when they have enough feathers to keep them warm at night.  Only cats are allowed in as a way to help keep mice out or catch one.
The baby chicks
Hannah watching chicks
Boys holding chicks
Mama cat in her hiding spot


Becky said...

looks like lots of fun :)

Andrea@Familyconnect said...

Ha! The cat looks like it has a cunning plan!