Monday, November 14, 2011

Still Here...

Wow it's been over a month and I've not even tried to post anything! Do you want to hear my excusses? There are several. The biggest one is my desktop PC died. Something happened and it won't even start! I have lost all my pictures, school records, homemaking lists and forms I created. I had a few things backed up on my laptop, but not enough. I'm trying to find a way to get my files off my hard drive, but I haven't given it much time, yet. Homeschooling, raising my kids, and homemaking take a higher priority than the computer.
Quick Family Update:
She is crawling everywhere and putting everything in her mouth. Her older siblings willingly leave many items on the floor for her to chew up! She is so cute and cuddly.
My little blond one. She still has very little fine hair which is lighter than any of the others. She is eargerly learning her ABC's. I found the LeapFrog DVD at a thrift store that teaches the letter sounds. After just a few times watching it she has learned the majority of the sounds. We also go over a letter a week in school time with her. She loves to help Mommy and play with her babies (and Hannah if Mom's not watching).
My early, early bird! I hate time change. He is up before 5:30am!!?! Why? So he can play! His favorite things are legos, and legos with wheels, and more legos. I know what to get him for Christmas. I found a PC game at the thrift store called Lego Racers, and he just loves it. His school work is going well. He is doing kindergarten math, and in reading he is starting to do long vowels. Throughout the day he tries to spell things to me or read words written on signs, boxes, and other places.
My quiet one. I thank God I have a quiet one. He wanted to learn piano this year like Abby, and with his practicing and learning from her, he has almost caught up with her. He is doing well with school, and starting to enjoy reading longer books. He loves to help Dad when he is working outside and can stay focused on a task much longer than the other kids.
My artist! She would draw or paint all day if I'd let her. She loves to dress up as a princess or a bride. She has "married" Robert twice, just because she likes dressing up. She doesn't get it from me. She has asked me to teach her to sew. I'm excited about that. We have started a baby doll pillow and blanket. She is doing well in school. Usually her papers are covered with drawings of princesses, and it takes her a long time to finish since she doesn't seem to focus and get her work done. She is doing well with learning the piano. Last night she played "Jesus Loves Me" for the offering. She comes up with the funniest questions. Last week we were talking about the lady we buy our milk from and she asked me "Is that the room where she takes the grass out of the milk?"
Well, my break is over. Time to get back to chores while the little kids are napping.