Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Events

Visitors -
My aunt and uncle came to visit us from California. The last time they were here was two years ago when Beth was a baby. The living room looked like Christmas with all the birthday gifts they brought. After going through all the gifts, the kids found Uncle Ed's walker more fun, plus the gifts will be here for a while. The walker went home with Uncle Ed.The bucket Beth has comes in handy when watering the garden!
Birthday -
Rueben turned 20 - no longer a teenager. He is working again with Gabe doing the surveying. Just a little school work to finish up. He should be done in a month or so.

Vacation -
We took another short vacation to Phoenix. We spent one evening fellowshipping with friends. Another day we visited two museums. The kids really enjoyed the fire trucks at the Hall of Flame. At the mining museum they got some pretty rocks, which they all enjoyed. We went for a walk in a park and met a group of reporters from China. They took pictures of us. They were amazed at a family with five children, since they are allowed only one. We went shopping at Saver's, a chain of thrift stores in Phoenix. We found pants for the boys (they keep wearing holes in them) and Abby got two nice long skirts.

The boys wore their "new" clothes from Saver's the day after we got home.

Baptism -
While in Phoenix, Abigail and Robert got baptized.Gardening -
We put several loads of horse manure on the garden this past winter, and mixed it in with the soil. The chickens also helped stir things around. They love to take dirt baths in the manure - yuck!
I've started planting. A friend gave me some of her extra spinach starts. I put out my tomato plant that I started in February. It is surrounded by a Wall-O-Water to keep it protected from frost. We put up more fence to keep the chickens out of the garden, so now my strawberries and onions have a chance to grow. Before fixing the fence problem the chickens were eating them as soon as any green showed up. I also had to fence in my raspberry bush for the same reason, plus the kids were walking over it, and the kittens played there, too. So far I have planted carrots for Robert, and peas for Abby, lettuce, and put out the pepper plants and surrounded them with the Wall-O-Water. I have a lot more I want to do. Hopefully I have the energy and time to do it. I also am looking forward to having my dad come out to visit and help me with the gardening.

School -
We studied butterflies one week this month, so I got a butterfly kit for the kids. We ordered the caterpillars, and now we have five painted lady butterflies in the cage. We will release them as soon as I see some painted ladies around here. I want the weather to be warm enough for them to survive. Until then, we will feed them sugar water.
I am looking into a more structured curriculum for Abby and Robert since they are six and "school age". At least pick out something for math, English and spelling. I like doing unit studies which includes everyone on some activities.