Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well I no longer need to collect leaves to feed hungry caterpillars! Here is what they look like now. I can only photograph one since the other one made its chrysalis under a leaf where I can't see him.

This is the first caterpillar on Thursday evening.

This is both caterpillars on Friday.

By Friday evening both caterpillars looked like this. The lines that look like cracks on the jar is the silk that it spun to attach itself to the jar. Abby keeps asking my "Why is the jar cracked?"

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caterpillars are still eating and growing

Here are some more photos and a video of the caterpillars.

They are quickly eating everything I put in the jar. We all enjoy watching them eat.

Monday - Aug 25

Tuesday - needed to replace milkweed

Wednesday - they were eating fast, and I had to replace milkweed, again!

Robert and Abby watching them eat.

Thursday - Aug. 28th

I believe they have reached their full size and will soon form their chrysalis.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ultrasound Report

Today I went for my official radiology department ultrasound. The OB/GYN clinic always does a quick one on my first visit to make sure it's not twins again. Personally, I am enjoying my twins and would love to have another set. Anyway, we got in and out quickly which is a blessing when they tell you to drink so much before you come. The due date in now set for Jan. 22nd, and my husband's prediction of it being a is correct. Now we can continue picking out a 's name.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Update on monarch caterpillars

The caterpillars have been busy this week eating, pooping, and growing. Today we moved them to a larger home. Abby and Robert have been full of questions about them. “When will they fly? What is that black stuff? Can I touch them? Why is there a hole in the leaf?” and many more. By the end of next week they should start forming their chrysalis. Here are more photos of their growth.

Thursday, August 21st

The new home - a used pickle jar.

Larger caterpillar - Saturday, Aug. 23rd

Smaller caterpillar - Saturday, Aug. 23rd

Friday, August 22, 2008

Robert is making progress in phonics

One day last week during our school time, Abby decided she did not want to do school. She wanted to color instead. She was ahead of Robert so I let her go so I could work with just Robert. She likes to answer for Robert when I work with both at the same time. Robert and I went through the blend ladders that I made for them, and he got every blend correct. In the past he has always put the /r/ sound in for any consonant on the ladder. He did the same thing when learning the individual letter sounds, but he eventually got it right. I was not worry about him using the wrong sounds I knew he would eventually get it. He is not even 3 ½ so he is way ahead of other kids his age. He doesn’t have to keep up with Abby. It just is convenient for me to teach them both the same things at the same time, and as I have more children reach the schooling age that will be more important than it is now with just the two of them learning.

Now Robert is really on a roll. He wants to do school all the time and he is ahead of Abby in the workbooks that we are using. He is sounding out short words, but seems to put the sounds backwards when he tries to say the word (ex. he sounds out s-a-t, but says "tat"). Abby did that for a while, too. It is so exciting to see them progressing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Raising Monarch Butterflies

Thursday while I was outside feeding the animals and tending to my garden I saw a Monarch butterfly. I had been waiting to see one because I have a few milkweeds growing on our property. For those who don’t know, Milkweed is the only host plant for the caterpillar of the monarch. Several years ago I found Monarch eggs on a milkweed and took them in for my class to observe. We did something wrong because the chrysalis never hatched. I’ve always wanted to try it again. Thursday when I saw the monarch I knew there was a chance of finding eggs on the milkweeds. Sure enough within a few minutes of searching the leaves I found a leaf with not one, but two tiny eggs. I brought just that leaf inside and laid it on wet paper towels in a shallow dish. I covered it loosely to keep the moisture in, but still allow air to circulate. One of the eggs hatched that night, so we had a tiny caterpillar (about 1/8 inch) crawling around, and eating. The other hatched Friday. They spent the weekend eating and growing.
I took the photo on Thursday evening after the first one hatched. You can see a small white dot in the middle toward the top the the leaf. The first caterpillar is to the left and down a little. It's head is a black dot with a small cream body.

This photo was taken Sunday. The caterpillar really grew in just three days! It is starting to get stripes.

This photo was taken Monday. They are both on the same side of the leaf! The first hatched is to the right.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My first Blog

Hello, I am new to blogging. I have enjoyed reading posts of friends and thought I'd try it myself. I am a stay at home mom, and I love it! My husband and I met at church, and have been married over four years. We have four children plus one on the way. Before I got married I taught at our church's school. I have a master's degree in education from Hyles-Anderson.I home school Rueben, my step-son. He was struggling with Christian School, bringing loads of homework home every day, and barely passing each grade. After discussing it and we decided to give home schooling a try. It worked, after a few wrinkles were ironed out, and we are about to begin our third year. Rueben still struggles with the work, but I can usually answer his questions quickly whenever they come up. We use the Landmark Freedom Curriculum from Haynes City, FL. Since he is in high school, we registered him in their school so there are official records being kept.I have three year old twins - Abigail and Robert. Abby is outgoing, friendly, and always into something. Robert is more laid back and quiet. He watches Abby and follows what ever she does. I am working on teaching them phonics. About a year ago Abby started pointing out "a, b, c, d's". I thought if she recognizes that there are letters maybe I should start teaching their names and sounds. She picked it up quickly and Robert learn them, too, but not as quickly. Now Abby has started reading simple words like (hat, dog, and , bed), and Robert is not far behind her.Josiah is 18 months and busy keeping up with the twins. He started walking at 10 months, and now he loves try to do everything they are doing.