Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Caterpillars are still eating and growing

Here are some more photos and a video of the caterpillars.

They are quickly eating everything I put in the jar. We all enjoy watching them eat.

Monday - Aug 25

Tuesday - needed to replace milkweed

Wednesday - they were eating fast, and I had to replace milkweed, again!

Robert and Abby watching them eat.

Thursday - Aug. 28th

I believe they have reached their full size and will soon form their chrysalis.


Nikki Wicker said...

I didn't realize these things grow so fast!

Julia said...

They do grow very quickly. It is fun to watch. They are in the egg only 4 days. After they hatch it is only two weeks until the form a chrysalis. One of them started their chrysalis last night!

Raani said...

The video was amazing!