Monday, April 14, 2014

Train Ride

Last month as part of "birthday month" (my aunt and four of my kids) we went on the Durango-Silverton train.  We did the Cascade Creek run which was long enough for me.  We went on a weekday so the train was not crowded.  The kids had a great time and are constantly asking to go again all the way to Silverton.  

 Rueben and his girlfriend joined us.  Rueben has ridden the train before and wanted to do it again.

Josiah was the most excited.  All the older ones spent most of their time in the open air car which was right behind our car.  I stayed in our car.  Hannah did not want to move around, and since I am pregnant walking between the train cars was not my idea of fun.  Hannah was all smiles most of the time.  She was a bit scared of the big engine when we got out at Cascade Creek.
 The exciting part of the trip is going around the high curve about the canyon.  If you're afraid of heights you stay on the opposite side of the train, but it is a great opportunity for pictures.  As you can see Abby is not afraid of heights.

 They let off steam when crossing a bridge which gives off a nice rainbow.
 At Cascade Creek we had about 50 min. to get out and stretch our legs, take pictures, and let the kids play near the water.  Abby would have got in the icy cold water if I had let her.  She is my adventurous one.

 I just love this picture with all their heads hanging out of our car.
On the way back we had a peaceful ride.  The little girls were fighting sleep, and Josiah did take a nap - he rarely fights sleep.  It was about a four hour round trip.  Near the end Abby was getting a bit motion sick.  The train is constantly swaying side to side, so motion sickness can be a problem, if you are pron to it. After the ride we visited the museum, and went to a restaurant where the kids could draw on the floor with chalk while they waited for their food.


**Pregnancy Update**
We are two weeks away from the due date.  Everything has gone smoothly again this pregnancy.  Kids are all excited about getting to meet their new brother.  For the past week Hannah has been extra clingy, but she talks about baby everyday.

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