Friday, May 11, 2012

Ear Ache Rub

I have been reading a book my mom sent me called "Be Your Own Doctor".  It has a lot of remedies and stories of how those remedies were used.  Here are a couple of my stories and one of the recipes.

The other weekend Josiah was sick.  I spent one night cleaning up puke, until I got out the book and looked up a remedy for upset stomach.  I gave it to him and the puking stopped.  He went to sleep and I then got some sleep, too.  Two nights later, he was up in the middle of the night (2am) and standing in the hall crying.  My first thought was that he had thrown up again, but after asking him, he told me his ear hurt.  Usually when my kids have ear problems I use ear candles.  I keep them on hand all the time in my freezer.  I candled Jojo's ear, let him go to sleep on the sofa, and went back to bed.  Half hour later, he was awake and crying again.  I tried some moist heat to draw out whatever was troubling him, and he went back to sleep.  Less than an hour later he was awake and crying again.  I found my book and looked up ear infections and found this recipe:

Ear Ache Rub
Mix together:
1/4 cup olive oil (I substituted castor oil)
1 tsp tea tree oil
1 tsp lavender essential oil
Use this oil to rub liberally around the ears when an infection starts.  It is a calming, relaxing, antibacterial rub.
Well I applied it around his ear, and we both went back to sleep.  He slept the rest of the night with no problems!  I was impressed.

Now Hannah has been teething and has been a very fussy baby lately.  A friend mentioned that she may have and ear infections also, and suggested getting a amber necklace to help with the pain of teething.  I did order the necklace, but before it arrived I decided to try treating her ears.  With my husband's help, I candled each ear just a little.  WOW, the next day I had a happy baby!  Well, the necklace arrived and I have her wear it during the day, but a night she keeps waking up and fussing.  Yesterday she was very fussy again and wanted to nurse a lot, so last night before she went to bed I wrapped the necklace around her ankle, and put the ear ache rub around her ears.  She slept all night!!  Now I'm not sure if it was the necklace or the ear rub or both.  I will be doing it again tonight.  Anytime I can sleep all night it is a real blessing.

I enjoy being able to help heal my children naturally.  It has been years since I have taken them to a conventional doctor (we do see a homeopathic doctor when necessary).  I am very concerned about all the drugs and shots that medical doctors what to give children.  They are not natural and they are not what God made.  God made herbs for us to use, and there are almost no side effects.

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