Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Great Hike

Once a year when my dad come to visit I get to do something I have loved since childhood - hike. Really hike, not just stroll in the park. This year I introduce my kids to Grandpa's style of hiking. We went up hill for three hours, but only took one hour to come back down. We really took our time going up. For the first time since moving out here I found wild strawberries. There is nothing sweeter, but they are hard to gather since they are tiny. The kids had fun doing this and we were quite a way up the mountain before they started to ask to go back. We actually filled their tummies with the delicious berries. At our turn around point the path divided and went two different directions. I wanted to keep going, but kids were tired. The mountains were beautiful and I can't wait to go back again.

Even Beth got her own berries!

The veiws at the top were spectacular!

Hiking made everyone hungry. Wild strawberries didn't fill everyone up for long.

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