Saturday, April 17, 2010

Still here

In March we celebrated three birthdays. It is nice having so many close together. We had a family party one day and then the other day we went to a local ranch and the kids got to ride horses.Anyone who asks Abby what gift she wants she tells them she wants something pretty. I got her some accessories to go with her princess dress. The cheap shoes did not last a week, so I took her to the thrift store and let her chose a pair of "shoes with sticks" (high heels). They were 1/2 price that day so I got a great deal.The boys love any transportation vehicle. We got them lego trains. The horse back riding was on a windy day, but the kids didn't seem to mind. Abby was the first to ride. Then each boy took one turn. Abby went again and again and again. We finally convinced Robert to go again with Abby. He didn't want to ride alone.
The boys had fun hanging on the fence.

Here are some extra pictures of the kids. Beth has decided that anytime we use the school desks she has to sit in one too. She pushes one of the older ones out and sits in their seat. The one pushed out is usually happy to sit on another chair.
Josiah never stays in his bed all night. Here he is sleeping on the floor in front of the pellet stove.
Our weather in March was crazy. One day the kids would be outside enjoying the warm weather and then the next morning it was snowing again.
I have my garden started and I am looking forward to May when my dad is here to help get more planted.
Our church is having a camp meeting the first week of May. I am hoping there will be some good old fashioned BIBLE preaching. The kids are looking forward to having the meetings at the pastor's ranch, and the roasted marshmallow afterward.

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