Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Serious

I wrote about Abby last week and I want to give Robert equal time. Robert is my serious, thinking child. I’m glad I have one like that. He can play quietly by himself for a long period of time. I do check on him, but he is usually still busy playing and is rarely in trouble on his own. His sister may lead him into trouble, but on his own he usually avoids it.

He always is doing things after his twin sister learns to do it. I think he watches her to learn how to do it, before he gives it a try. This has been true since birth.

At home he can be loud, noisy and talkative, but as soon as a stranger shows up he shuts up and won’t say a word. He was nicknamed Mr. Serious by outsiders; because once he gets to know you he can be very silly and crazy.

I love to watch him when he is engrossed in what he is doing. He sticks his tongue out a little while he works, colors or plays intently. He gets that from his dad. Gabe, my husband, says it helps him think better.


Raani said...

Both of my boys have that serious, contemplative look, but the girls are always talking.

Julia said...

Josiah seems to have Abby personality - outgoing, demanding, and chattering all the time. That makes keeping him in church very challenging, but we are trying to do it. Maybe the baby girl will be quiet like Robert.