Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Mama

When I listen and watch my daughter, I see myself. I hear her repeating the exact words that I say. Abby is constantly trying to mother her brothers and anyone else that will let her. Recently, Abby has been helping potty train Josiah. I’ve let her do it as long as Josiah is okay with it. He seems to want to do what they do, which makes potty training much easier. She will take him to the potty, remove his diaper, and read to him while he sits on the potty. The other day I was in the hall and heard her say, very politely, “Honey, can you get me a diaper?” She was talking to Robert, and what is funnier still is he did it for her. I put the diaper on. I don’t trust her to put on the diaper yet! I have to watch what I say because she will repeat it in a heartbeat. It is scary to hear myself in her. It reminds me that I need to watch my attitude and words.

It will be interesting to see how she helps with the new baby. She keeps asking when is the baby coming out of mommy’s belly. She often asks me if the baby is awake and kicking or is she asleep. The last time we were at wal-mart I let her pick out material to make matching pajamas for her and the baby. She is very excited about having a baby sister.

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