Saturday, September 20, 2008

God’s Blessings

1. Salvation – I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home and was led to the Lord by my father. Salvation is a free, eternal gift from God and it is the best gift you can ever receive.
2. Good health – even though I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease several years ago. I choose to find my own healing through healthier foods and herbal supplements. It really does work! You can be healthy by using what God created to help you be that way. What God made is ALWAYS better than what man can make. When it comes to doctors my philosophy is “Just say NO to drugs”.
3. Family – God gave me a wonderful, faithful, soul winning husband, and beautiful, intelligent children. Abby and Josiah woke up about the same time this morning. I heard them playing in Josiah’s crib. Abby had climbed into the crib with him, and she was standing beside him singing the B-I-B-L-E. He says BI-BLE at the end of the song. I think she was pretending to be in church singing.
4. Recent answers to prayers. For example we have been looking into getting a pellet stove since last winter. The cost of propane to heat our home has motivated our decision. We finally decide to get a loan at the bank and buy a new one. When we went to the store to get the stove we were told that they had discontinued the style that we wanted and all pellet stoves were being shipped east where it gets cold sooner. We were put on a waiting list for a stove. That was not our idea of how it would work. However, God was in it. A week later I found an ad for a used pellet stove. We checked it out and decided to go for it. The new stove we looked at would cost around $3000, but the used one was under $1000. We were also able to purchase a used pad from a different family to go under it.
5. Baby #4 - The life inside me that is growing everyday. She has been kicking more and letting her presence be known, which is so exciting.
6. And too much more to list. I know I missed some really important ones already. Right after I post this I will think of more.


Nikki said...

Julia, do you know of a good herb for my 1yr old? He has had a runny nose for 7 weeks and two ear infections. Doctor said it is normal I beg to differ. I would love to switch doctors but the other ones will not accept me since I already have one.

Julia said...

Is he teething? A lot of cold symptoms come with teething. My kids have had diarrhea, fever, runny nose, ear aches… when they are cutting teeth. I buy natural teething tablets from walgreens. The brand I buy is Hyland's. It is amazing how many symptoms disappear by using the teething tablets. That is always the first thing I try with my little ones when I can't figure out exactly what is wrong.

Another thing that works great for ear infections and runny noses is ear candles. I know it sounds crazy, but it does work wonders the problem disappears within a few hours after candling. I buy ear candles at the health food store. Some stores carry information on how to use them, and others just have the candles. On my young one I try to do it when they are sleeping. I usually let them fall asleep on the floor so I have room to work or move them to the floor after they are asleep. You may want to learn how to use them on someone older that will stay still while you practice. Here is a web site that describes how to use ear candles I have done ear candling for years so I am very comfortable doing it with my children. The twins love for me to do it and often they come tell me their ear itches and they want them to be candled. It doesn't hurt them, and it removes whatever is causing the ear ache and helps dry out runny noses, too.

The other thing you could try is homeopathic tablets for ear infection. Hyland's makes ear ache tablets, too. I know health food stores would carry them. I'm not sure about walgreens. I hope this helps you.

Brittany said...

I was wondering about the Hyland brand of products. I have been tempted to buy some of them, but no one I know has tried them so I was not sure how well they would work. Do they make anything for fevers? I would like to try to make a first aid kit stocking as many natural remedies as possible and not use Advil any more than I have to. I have also heard great things about the Little Remedies Brand. Do you know anything about those?

Julia said...

Here is the website for hylands
I did not see anything about fever in my quick look. I have never given my children any drugs for a fever. I rarely have one last more than 24 hours. Giving medicine to a child with a fever messes with their natural immune system fighting the problem, and becoming stronger. When one child does have a high fever I give them a bath in ginger. I add 1-2 Tbsp of ground ginger to their bath water and let them sit/play for about 15 min or longer. I have done it in the evening and by morning the fever is gone.

That is a great idea to make a natural remedies first aid kit. I have some things on hand, but I have never thought of putting a kit together. Here is another site of natural products I love to use.