Friday, August 22, 2008

Robert is making progress in phonics

One day last week during our school time, Abby decided she did not want to do school. She wanted to color instead. She was ahead of Robert so I let her go so I could work with just Robert. She likes to answer for Robert when I work with both at the same time. Robert and I went through the blend ladders that I made for them, and he got every blend correct. In the past he has always put the /r/ sound in for any consonant on the ladder. He did the same thing when learning the individual letter sounds, but he eventually got it right. I was not worry about him using the wrong sounds I knew he would eventually get it. He is not even 3 ½ so he is way ahead of other kids his age. He doesn’t have to keep up with Abby. It just is convenient for me to teach them both the same things at the same time, and as I have more children reach the schooling age that will be more important than it is now with just the two of them learning.

Now Robert is really on a roll. He wants to do school all the time and he is ahead of Abby in the workbooks that we are using. He is sounding out short words, but seems to put the sounds backwards when he tries to say the word (ex. he sounds out s-a-t, but says "tat"). Abby did that for a while, too. It is so exciting to see them progressing.

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